If you are struggling with emotional trauma, you might want to look into using crystals to help you heal. They can help you cope with difficult emotions and can also ease depression. These healing stones are not meant to replace professional medical treatment, but to work alongside it. Here are some tips for using these stones to heal emotional trauma. These are not cure-alls, and you should seek counseling and psychotherapy if you need them.

Black tourmaline: The black tourmaline is a stone that absorbs negative energy and helps you heal from emotional trauma. It helps you overcome addiction and other destructive behaviors. It can also help you learn more about yourself. It can soften your self-esteem and help you express yourself in a more authentic way. Moreover, it can clear your aura, which will make you feel more confident. The black tourmaline can also help you deal with addiction and release the pain in your relationship.

Lapis lazuli: This crystal is known for its royal blue color. It helps people who have suffered emotional trauma to take charge of their lives and move forward with their lives. It helps them unearth buried emotions and make room for personal growth. It also protects the body from harmful energies and soothes the mind. Using this stone can help you deal with panic attacks and help you move on with your life.

Black tourmaline: The black tourmaline helps people who are dealing with emotional trauma by absorbing negative vibrations. It helps people who suffer from emotional pain to move on with their lives and move on. However, this stone can be hard to clean and you may want to keep a few in your collection. Once you’ve chosen a few, you can start using them. If you like, you can use them every day for a week or two, and you will soon find that they are a great help.

The blue crystal lapis lazuli is known as the bodyguard stone. It absorbs negative energy and soothes emotional trauma. This stone can help people overcome substances and self-harm tendencies. It can also help people overcome panic attacks. If you have experienced emotional trauma, you might benefit from this stone. It can help you heal from the trauma and empower you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, this crystal can bring you to a calm place where you can accept your emotions.

The royal blue crystal lapis lazuli can be used to help those who have experienced emotional trauma. It helps victims to regain control of their lives. It helps them to deal with the trauma by unearthing suppressed emotions and making room for personal growth. This stone is also a good shield against negative energy. It also aids in the release of emotions and makes you feel better. If you have ever been in a situation where you were hurt or felt hopeless, you might be interested in purchasing this crystal.

Iolite is a well-known crystal for emotional trauma. Its royal blue color helps you to gain control of your life. It is a powerful stone that provides insight to overcome traumatic events and helps you move forward. It helps you to understand your own feelings and overcome your fears. You can use it for emotional trauma to help you understand your past and move on. It helps you to find a path towards love and success.

If you are dealing with emotional trauma, you should consider a crystal. Choosing one for yourself is a great way to feel better and to heal emotionally. Besides being a good choice for your daily routine, this stone can help you achieve your goals. The chakras in your aura are responsible for controlling your thoughts and emotions. If you are experiencing an intense trauma, you will benefit from this stone. In addition to healing your emotions, it also can help you get rid of your negative feelings.

In addition to healing the body, you can also use crystals to heal your emotional trauma. The blue-colored lapis lazuli will help you take control of your life. It will help you to uncover hidden emotions and make room for personal growth. You can use this stone to avoid panic attacks, anxiety, and other problems. The blue stone will also enhance your intuition and self-awareness. This type of energy will support you in your journey to emotional healing.